Let's Go for a Walk with Our Beloved Cat! What Should We Prepare for a Safe and Enjoyable Walk?

Let's Go for a Walk with Our Beloved Cat! What Should We Prepare for a Safe and Enjoyable Walk?

When walking around town, you may occasionally encounter people walking their cats.

Seeing a cat walking confidently and enjoyably like a dog might make you think, "I want to take my pet for a walk too."

However, is it necessary for cats to go for walks? And what should we pay attention to if we do take them out?

Here we introduce some points for enjoying a walk with your cat.



1. Do Cats Need Walks?
2. The Benefits of Walking a Cat
3. Things to Prepare Before Going for a Walk
∟3-1. Disease Prevention
∟3-2. Measures Against Getting Lost
∟3-3. Preparing Walking Gear


1. Do Cats Need Walks?

While dogs love walks, cats typically prefer lounging around at home. But is it necessary to take them for walks?

The answer is not necessarily. Indoor cats may be satisfied just looking out the window. Especially for timid cats, forcing them outdoors can be stressful.

However, cats who are familiar with the outdoors may want to go out. Even such cats can be kept indoors exclusively.

Therefore, it's not necessary to force cats outside, but the following types of cats may enjoy walks:

・Curious cats

・Active cats that require a lot of exercise

・Cats who have lived outdoors and are interested in it


In summary, "if the cat enjoys it, it's okay." However, always use a harness and leash, and accompany your cat to prevent accidents and neighborhood troubles.


2. The Benefits of Walking a Cat

Cats don't necessarily need walks, but there are benefits to doing so.

Firstly, indoor cats tend to get less exercise. Walking outdoors can help prevent obesity and relieve stress.

Also, "environmental enrichment," which promotes living in a way natural to animals, is now emphasized. For cats, being outdoors and experiencing various stimuli is part of their natural life. Therefore, it can be good to let them out for walks.

While there are many benefits to walking, don't overlook the risks like accidents and getting lost. It's important to consider the cat's personality and living environment when deciding to walk them and to prepare properly.


3. Things to Prepare Before Going for a Walk

While walks are enjoyable, lack of preparation can lead to various troubles like injuries and getting lost. Here are things to prepare before going for a walk.


3-1. Disease Prevention

When taking a cat outside, be aware of infectious diseases. Cats can develop allergies or skin diseases from fleas and ticks, or catch diseases from other cats or dogs.

Get vaccinations and prevent fleas and ticks to take care of your cat's health.


3-2. Measures Against Getting Lost

Even with a harness, there's a risk of it coming off and the cat escaping. Prepare to easily find your cat in case of such troubles.

Use a collar with an ID tag, and microchipping is also effective. If the ID tag is lost, a microchip can help identify the owner at a vet clinic.

Also, consider spaying or neutering to prevent unwanted pregnancies if they escape.


3-3. Preparing Walking Gear

Prepare the following gear for walking your cat:

・Leash and Harness

Choose a harness made for walking, such as those that combine a collar and harness or vest-type harnesses, as a cat's collar may come off if pulled on a leash. Ensure the size fits your cat.

・Excrement Disposal Gear

Cats usually use a designated place as a toilet, but some may learn to do it outside. Prepare a scoop and plastic bags for feces, and water to flush urine.

・Carry Bag

Prepare a carry bag in case your cat panics or gets too tired during the walk. Backpack or fabric bags are preferable over bulky plastic ones.

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