Cat Café Etiquette for Beginners: 7 Must-Know Rules

Cat Café Etiquette for Beginners: 7 Must-Know Rules

Cat cafés are charming places filled with cute cats.

However, there are minimum manners that must be observed.

This time, for those who are going to a cat café for the first time, we will introduce seven manners you should know in advance.


Table of Contents

1. What's a Cat Café Like?
∟1-1. What Is a Cat Café
∟1-2. You Can Play with Cats
∟1-3. An Instagrammable Spot
∟1-4. Cat Café Fees
2. Seven Must-Know Etiquette Tips for Cat Café Beginners
∟①    Do Not Chase Cats
∟②    Do Not Pick Up Cats
∟③    Give Treats Available Inside
∟④    No Flash Photography
∟⑤    Do Not Bring Your Own Toys
∟⑥    Do Not Disturb Cats While They Are Eating
∟⑦    Do Not Touch Sleeping Cats
3. Characteristics of Customers Cats Like
∟3-1. People Who Behave Calmly
∟3-2. People Who Give Treats


1. What's a Cat Café Like?

Many people have heard of cat cafés and want to visit, but are unclear about the system.

First, let's introduce what kind of place a cat café is.


1-1. What Is a Cat Café

A cat café is a place where you can enjoy interacting with cats and watching them while having tea, with various ways to enjoy it.

You can spend a wonderful time with cats by playing with toys or giving them treats.

Some customers immerse themselves in computer work in front of cats.

There are various ways to use it.

Originally, cat cafés are said to have originated from a shop called Cat Flower Garden in Taipei in 1998.

In Japan, the current form of cat cafés was created in 2004, and it has been loved by many people to this day.


1-2. You Can Play with Cats

As mentioned earlier, playing involves giving treats and interacting.

Buy treats sold inside and feed them.

Treats are well-received by cats, and they quickly come to the person holding them.

You can capture various expressions of cats, such as close-ups of their faces while they enjoy their meal.

Although it's difficult to hold them, you can often stroke their backs.


1-3. An Instagrammable Spot

Cat cafés are Instagrammable spots in their entirety.

You can capture various exciting scenes in photos, such as cats eating treats or playing with other cats.

Cat cafés are not just Instagrammable because the cats are cute.

Many cat cafés have stylish interior decorations.

Therefore, it's no wonder you can take great photos with charming cats in such a stylish place.


1-4. Cat Café Fees

The going rate is around 500 to 1000 yen per hour.

In addition to this basic fee, the total fee may include the cost of purchased treats.

Also, some shops offer free time, so it's recommended to check before visiting a cat café.

Drinks inside are often free.


2. Seven Must-Know Etiquette Tips for Cat Café Beginners

We will explain the manners you should know in advance for a cat café.

All these are for the sake of cats, so let's follow the rules and enjoy the cat café.


①    Do Not Chase Cats

Cats are timid animals. They can be scared by a little noise or light.

Similarly, they are not fond of unfamiliar people.

It's common to find yourself chasing a favorite cat without realizing it.

While the desire to get close to cats is understandable, initially, it's better to observe them from a distance and gradually become friends.


②    Do Not Pick Up Cats

Most cat cafés prohibit picking up cats.

Forcing to hold a cat can cause stress for them.

Even if you have cats at home or are used to handling cats, refrain from doing so.

If you start to bond with a cat while playing, petting them gently is usually okay.

However, if the cat shows signs of discomfort, stop immediately.

Some cat cafés allow holding cats, so it's recommended to check their website in advance.


③    Give Treats Available Inside

Cat cafés sell treats for cats.

Make sure to give only the treats sold inside.

They are usually available for around 500 yen. Bringing your own is strictly forbidden.

Feeding inappropriate food can affect a cat's health.

Especially, human food is high in calories and unbalanced in nutrients, which is dangerous for cats.

The intake of treats, including meals, is basically managed by the cat café.

Make the cats happy with the treats available inside.


④    No Flash Photography

Cats are sensitive to strong light, so many places prohibit flash photography.

While photo and video shooting are mostly allowed, turn off the flash.

In the worst case, it can cause blindness in cats.

It's understandable to want to share cute cat photos on Instagram and other social media or blogs, but make sure to photograph them properly.


⑤    Do Not Bring Your Own Toys

Similar to treats, use only the toys provided inside.

The shop cannot ascertain what the brought-in toys are like, unlike the toys they manage.

If a brought-in toy is in poor condition or has been overly used, it could potentially injure a cat.

To ensure everyone enjoys their time at the cat café , follow the rules and use the toys provided by the shop.


⑥    Do Not Disturb Cats While They Are Eating

Just like humans, cats do not want to be disturbed during their enjoyable meal times.

Especially, being disturbed by an unfamiliar customer during meal time is unfortunate for cats.

If you bother a cat while it's eating and upset it, it might not come near you for the rest of the day.

Let them eat in peace.


⑦    Do Not Touch Sleeping Cats

Similar to cats eating, it's also not good to touch sleeping cats.

Let them rest well, and wait for them to show their energetic and cute sides upon waking up.

Being woken up by being touched is quite stressful. Just observe them from a distance.

However, it's rare to see someone trying to touch a sleeping cat, so even first-time visitors to a cat café hardly attempt it.


3. Characteristics of Customers Cats Like

When you visit a cat café, naturally, you want to be liked by the cats and get along with them.

Chatting, giving treats, taking photos - if liked by cats, all these become easy.

What characteristics do people liked by cats have?


3-1. People Who Behave Calmly

People who act slowly and calmly are liked.

Conversely, cats seem to dislike those with low or loud voices and those with large movements.

Cats get surprised and run away.

It's understandable to be excited by seeing cute cats, but to be liked by them, it's best to keep calm and speak gently.

Even if cats do not understand words, they can fully sense feelings and atmosphere.


3-2. People Who Give Treats

People who feed them treats are everyone's favorite.

Indeed, both humans and cats tend to love those who give them food. Try communicating with cats by buying treats inside and see how it goes.

You might even get lucky and have cats follow you around without having bought any treats.



Let's visit a cat café while observing manners.

A cat café is a place where you can interact with cats, watch them while drinking tea, and enjoy your time. Cats will become friendly if you give them treats or play with them.

However, there are manners to observe, such as not holding cats or not using flash photography.

Follow the rules and have a pleasant time at the cat café.

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