Do Cats Fart? Be Cautious, as It Could Indicate Potential Health Issues!

Do Cats Fart? Be Cautious, as It Could Indicate Potential Health Issues!

Have you ever wondered, "Do cats fart?" The truth is, just like humans, cats also pass gas.

In addition to being a physiological phenomenon, a cat's flatulence can also be caused by illness or stress.

Some serious illnesses can be life-threatening, so it's essential not to underestimate them.

This article explains illnesses that can be identified through flatulence and types of flatulence that require attention.

Table of Contents

1. Cats Also Fart
2. Flatulence to Pay Attention To and Remedies
∟ 2-1. Poor Digestion or Deterioration of Intestinal Environment
∟ 2-2. Stress
∟ 2-3. Rapid Eating
3. Conclusion

1. Cats Also Fart

Cats also pass gas just like humans do.

Flatulence occurs when food ferments in the intestines, and most of the gas is absorbed by the intestines, but what is not absorbed is expelled as flatulence.

Unlike humans, the sound of a cat's flatulence is more like a "pss" or "swoosh," even if a sound is heard.

Imagine a human's "silent but deadly" gas.

Therefore, it's unlikely to notice when a cat passes gas based on sound.

On the other hand, cat flatulence is known to be very smelly, mainly due to the cat's carnivorous diet.

Sulfur, one of the odor components of flatulence, is abundant in protein-rich foods, and the main ingredients are meat, fish, and legumes.

As a result, flatulence from a carnivorous animal like a cat tends to be odorous.

When a cat passes gas, it may assume a posture similar to crouching, but there is no specific posture.

It seems to happen casually while sleeping or sitting.

In this way, cats also pass gas as a physiological phenomenon.

2. Flatulence to Pay Attention To and Remedies

Since cat flatulence is a physiological phenomenon, there is usually no need to worry.

However, if you notice an increase in frequency or a stronger odor, it may require attention.

Main causes of abnormal flatulence include:

  •  Deterioration of intestinal environment
  •  Poor digestion
  •  Stress
  •  Rapid eating
  •  Illness

Let's take a closer look at these factors.

2-1. Poor Digestion or Deterioration of Intestinal Environment

If a cat's digestive function is weakened, the food may not be digested and absorbed properly in the stomach and intestines, leading to flatulence.

This can happen due to aging or an improper diet.

To improve this, it is recommended to feed the cat a balanced diet suitable for its age and health status.

In addition, providing a diet with dietary fiber can help improve intestinal motility and prevent constipation, contributing to the maintenance of a healthy intestinal environment.

2-2. Stress 

Stress can also cause changes in a cat's digestive system and lead to flatulence.

Common stress factors for cats include changes in living environment, new family members, or the presence of other animals.

It is essential to create a stress-free and comfortable living environment for the cat.

Providing hiding places, scratching posts, and regular playtime can help reduce stress.

2-3. Rapid Eating

When a cat eats too quickly, it may swallow air along with food, leading to flatulence.

This can be addressed by using feeding bowls designed to slow down eating or dividing meals into smaller, more frequent portions.

Interactive feeders or puzzle toys can also make mealtime more engaging, preventing rapid eating.

3. Conclusion

Cats, like humans, can pass gas. This flatulence can be a normal physiological process or a sign of underlying issues such as poor digestion, stress, or illness. While most gas is absorbed by the intestines, some is expelled, often producing a "pss" or "swoosh" sound, and can be quite odorous due to the cat's carnivorous diet.

If a cat's flatulence becomes more frequent or smellier, it may indicate problems such as a deteriorating intestinal environment, rapid eating, or stress. To mitigate these issues, providing a balanced diet, creating a stress-free environment, and using feeding bowls that slow down eating can be helpful.

Below is a video cats farting. Please take a look if you are interested!
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