Introducing the signs cats give when they want to be pampered, along with the type of people cats feel like cuddling up to

Introducing the signs cats give when they want to be pampered, along with the type of people cats feel like cuddling up to

Cats, as you may know, are capricious creatures.

They can suddenly get angry, seek affection, or become playful, making them moody and busy animals.

However, even cats have their favorites among humans.

They seem to always want attention and cuddles. We will introduce the characteristics of people who can make cats fall head over heels.


Table of Contents

1. Behaviors cats show when they want to be pampered
∟1-1. Showing their belly
∟1-2. Staring intently
∟1-3. Kneading
∟1-4. Bringing something
∟1-5. Gentle biting
2. The type of people cats want to cuddle up to
∟2-1. People who move slowly
∟2-2. People who don't smell bad
∟2-3. People who don't do things cats dislike
3. Reasons why cats seek affection
∟3-1. Lonely
∟3-2. Naturally affectionate
∟3-3. Seeking attention
4. Appropriate responses to a cuddly cat
∟4-1. Responding to them
∟4-2. Blinking


1. Behaviors cats show when they want to be pampered

Knowing the actions cats take when they feel like being pampered can help us live happily and harmoniously together.

We'll explain what movements indicate a desire for affection.


1-1. Showing their belly

When a cat shows its belly, it's a sign that it feels completely safe and is able to relax.

It indicates that the cat feels secure around its owner or peers, expressing a desire for affection and attention.

The belly is a vulnerable spot that predators can easily attack, so showing it means the cat trusts you.

However, just because a cat is signaling its desire for affection doesn't mean you should immediately touch its belly.

It might get startled and bite, so be careful.

It's safer to pet its head or back instead.


1-2. Staring intently

Cats have a characteristic of staring intently and not looking away from an opponent they are about to fight.

In this case, the intention is clear because it's an aggressive stance.

On the other hand, if a cat thinks you're not an enemy, it might look away.

However, cats also stare intently when they feel affectionate towards someone.

The more a cat likes someone, the more it will stare.

This is not only a sign of seeking attention but also an expression of expectation from the owner.

Whether it's food or toys, try to understand and fulfill what the cat wants based on the situation.


1-3. Kneading

Cats may knead with their front paws or knead on their owner.

This behavior is also seen when cats feel like being pampered.

The action of kneading with front paws is a behavior kittens display when they want to nurse from their mother.

If a cat kneads you while you're sleeping or relaxing on the sofa, it's seeking comfort and reminiscing about its mother.

Gently petting the cat in return is advisable.

It might even close its eyes in contentment.


1-4. Bringing something

If your cat brings you a gift, it's also a sign of wanting to be pampered.

For example, cats may bring toys, towels, or cushions that they can carry in their mouths.

Even if it's something that's already in the room, from the cat's perspective, it's a present for the owner.

Express gratitude and pet your cat. By giving a present to the owner, the cat is expecting something in return.

Sometimes, they might even bring small animals, which is a remnant of their hunting instincts.

It can be quite surprising.


1-5. Gentle biting

Gentle biting is a sign of affection, indicating that the cat loves its owner.

A gentle bite that isn't too painful is a cat's way of showing love.

You can tell whether a cat is angry or seeking affection by the way it bites.

When gently bitten, let the cat cuddle; if it suddenly bites hard, it's best to leave it alone.


2. The type of people cats want to cuddle up to

Even if you live with a cat for a long time, there are people whom cats cuddle up to and those they don't.

So, what kind of people do cats feel like cuddling up to?


2-1. People who move slowly

Cats prefer people who move slowly over those who are always busy or start moving suddenly.

They get startled by sudden movements, which can prevent them from relaxing and make them run away.

That would be sad, wouldn't it?

When living with a cat, try to move slowly on purpose.

When reaching out to a cat or approaching it, do so slowly and deliberately.

You might become even closer to your pet.


2-2. People who don't smell bad

Cats have a far superior sense of smell compared to humans.

Straight to the point, cats won't approach smells they find unpleasant.

However, what cats find smelly is different from humans.

Unless you're extremely sweaty, cats generally don't dislike human body odor.

Rather, they dislike perfumes or air fresheners that humans consider smelling good.

Also, cats perceive citrus scents as a mortal threat.

To cats, the smell contains components that are considered toxic.

After eating citrus fruits, make sure to wash your hands before approaching a cat.


2-3. People who don't do things cats dislike

Cats tend to favor people who understand their feelings or at least try to.

The reverse is also true; avoid doing things that your cat dislikes.

During your cohabitation, try to identify what your cat dislikes.

Some necessary actions for a cat's health and longevity, like nail clipping or visiting the vet, may be disliked by the cat, but they are unavoidable.

In such cases, try to cope by offering treats or engaging in activities your cat enjoys, even if it's not mealtime.


3. Reasons why cats seek affection

Cats are fundamentally solitary animals.

So, why do they seek affection?


3-1. Lonely

This is quite simple.

If an owner is out for work or away for a long time, just like human children, cats feel lonely.

It's common for cats to run towards you the moment you open the door after being away for hours.

Needless to say, cats seek affection because they feel lonely.


3-2. Naturally affectionate

Just like humans, cats that are naturally clingy will seek affection.

There are outgoing people and those who are needy; similarly, cats have individual personalities and temperaments.

Clingy cats are more affectionate compared to other cats.


3-3. Seeking attention

This isn't just about wanting to be pampered.

Of course, sometimes they just want affection.

But they may also want food, playtime, or a clean litter box, meaning they have specific requests for their owners.

While you don't have to respond to every demand for affection, if the cat is persistently pleading, it might be worth considering what it wants.


4. Appropriate responses to a cuddly cat

Cats will seek affection from people other than those they particularly like.

What is the appropriate way to respond?


4-1. Responding to them

Responding makes cats like you.

Cats can't talk to humans using language, and it's difficult for humans to fully understand a cat's feelings from its meows alone.

By trying to understand what they're appealing for and calling their names, thanking them, or saying they're cute, you're responding in a way that pleases cats.


4-2. Blinking

Try blinking slowly at them.

Blinking communicates to the cat, \"I understand your feelings, and I've received your message.\"

The cat will feel reassured, and the bond between owner and pet will deepen.



The characteristics of people cats feel like cuddling up to are as follows:

  • ・People who move slowly,
  • ・People who don't emit smells cats find offensive
  • ・Lastly, people who don't do things cats dislike

It would be great if you could become the kind of person your cat wants to cuddle up to, making your life with your pet even more enjoyable.

Make sure to allow your cat to be affectionate when it wishes to be.

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