Make Your Beloved Cat's Life Comfortable! Top 10 Places Cats Love

Make Your Beloved Cat's Life Comfortable! Top 10 Places Cats Love

Do you know where cats like to hang out?

Actually, cats love narrow, dim places and high places.

There's a reason for that, which comes from the nature of the feline family.

More details will be explained later.

However, the places cats like are not limited to narrow and dim places or high places. They have various preferences for places.

If you closely observe a pet cat, you'll often find them finding their favorite spot, relaxing and grooming themselves or sleeping.


Table of Contents

1. Nature of the Feline Family
∟ 1-1. Reason for Hiding in Narrow and Dark Places
∟ 1-2. Reason for Climbing High Trees
∟ 1-3. Domestic Cats Retain These Instincts
2. Top 10 Places Cats Prefer Inside a House
3. Creating a Comfortable Environment for Cats
∟ 3-1. Air Conditioning Maintenance
∟ 3-2. Air Purifiers
∟ 3-3. Removing Dangerous Elements


1. Nature of the Feline Family

Cats, in the narrow sense, are commonly referred to domestic cats that descended from the domesticated African wildcat.

Domestic cats share the instinct of hiding in narrow and dark places and living high up in trees, inherent to the feline family.

There are reasons for preferring narrow spaces and climbing trees.


1-1. Reason for Hiding in Narrow and Dark Places

The ancestors of cats preyed on small animals like mice, which often hide in narrow spaces like cracks in rocks or holes, hence the instinct to crawl into such places to hunt.

Moreover, these places not only protected them from predators but also provided a safe place to consume their catch.

Additionally, the cold air in narrow and dark rock crevices or holes was more comfortable than being exposed to hot sunlight.


1-2. Reason for Climbing High Trees

This is also due to the nature of cats.

Cats evolved the ability to live in high trees to protect themselves from ground predators or to quickly spot them.

Small prey animals like mice and squirrels also climb trees, so cats may have learned to climb trees to hunt them.


1-3. Domestic Cats Retain These Instincts

For domestic cats living indoors all day, there are no rocky crevices or trees to climb.

However, they can still find places like under beds or closets that serve as narrow and dim hiding spots, or cat towers and curtain rails to climb high.

Domestic cats hiding under beds or closets and preferring to climb cat towers or curtain rails are expressions of their natural instincts and abilities.


2. Top 10 Places Cats Prefer Inside a House

Cats are often said to be animals that do not prefer living in groups.

As solitary animals, they have a strong territorial instinct.

If you have multiple cats, you'll notice that they are skilled at finding their own space that they can own.

Their territory is their preferred spot.


① Under Beds, Sofas

The top spot cats love is under beds and sofas.

Cats hide under beds and sofas to groom or rest, feeling secure in these spots.

They also rush to hide here when startled by sudden visitors, fireworks, or thunder.

For cats, these are safe havens.

② Inside Closets

Inside closets are also considered safe places for cats.

Some cats spend most of their time inside closets, except for eating or using the litter box.

Many have seen cats peacefully sleeping inside closets.

③ Cat Towers

Cat towers may be the most popular spot for domestic cats.

Being natural climbers, cats find comfort in high places.

However, due to their territorial nature, cats in multi-cat households may fight over cat towers.

④ On Top of Refrigerators

The top of the refrigerator is also a favorite spot, akin to cat towers.

It seems they enjoy the view of the household from above.

⑤ Curtain Rails

Curtain rails are also popular, especially among kittens.

Kittens, being agile, find it easy to climb onto curtain rails.

⑥ On Top of Wardrobes

Wardrobes are another favorite, where cats often groom themselves.

Especially in summer, they might prefer the cool spots, like under an air conditioner.

⑦ Sunny Windowsills

In winter, sunny windowsills are popular for their warmth and comfort.

The sight of cats napping in the warm sunlight is very adorable.

⑧ Inside Kotatsu

For cats, the inside of a kotatsu is the place to be in winter, offering warmth and security.

Interestingly, cats seem to fight less when inside a kotatsu, making it a peaceful retreat for multi-cat households.

⑨ Sunrooms

Sunrooms, used for drying laundry, are also popular, especially in winter for their sunny spots, ideal for napping.

Some cats may spend all day in the sunroom, foregoing meals.

⑩ Inside the Owner's Futon

For owners, the happiest moment might be sleeping with their cat in the futon.

For cats, sleeping in the futon with their beloved owner provides a sense of security, especially in winter when they often ask to join.


3. Creating a Comfortable Environment for Cats

Wild cats can freely find and choose their favorite spots, but it's not as easy for domestic cats.

This becomes even more challenging in a household with multiple cats.

Therefore, it's up to the owner to create a comfortable and safe environment where cats can relax and feel secure.

It's essential to accommodate their instinctual need to climb by providing high places if none are available.

Cat towers are the perfect accessory to satisfy their needs.

At least one cat tower should be maintained in the house; if you have multiple cats, consider having 2-3 towers and cat walks.


3-1. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining air conditioning is crucial for the comfort of pet cats during cold winters and hot summers.

Cats especially dislike cold places, so it's important to provide a warm environment inside.

However, using oil heaters to warm the room is not advisable due to the risk of burns to cats.

Electric kotatsu and electric carpets are also good options to keep them warm.

Also, cats struggle with the high humidity and heat of Japanese summers, so keep the air conditioner running in at least one room during summer.


3-2. Air Purifiers

When keeping pets such as cats, air purifiers become a necessary item.

This is particularly important in households with multiple cats, as the air can quickly become polluted with cat hair and dander.

Air purifiers also protect cats from fleas, ticks, and viral diseases.


3-3. Removing Dangerous Elements

While narrow spaces and high places can be relaxing and preferred spots for cats, they can also be dangerous.

Ensure closets and other hiding spots are safe from collapsing during earthquakes by not storing heavy items in them.

Cats can also become trapped or injured in such situations.

Moreover, cat towers can become unstable if too tall, so ensure they are securely fixed.



Providing your beloved cat with places they enjoy is a responsibility of the owner.

Cats work hard to find their favorite spots within the given space.

However, finding such spots within a room can be difficult for cats.

Let's create relaxing, safe, and secure places for them.

Doing so will surely make your beloved cat happy.

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