Which Countries are Cat-Friendly? An Introduction to Environments Around the World

Which Countries are Cat-Friendly? An Introduction to Environments Around the World

There are many countries worldwide where cats are loved, and cats find it easy to live. This can be due to various reasons, such as the suitability of the country's location or environment for cats or influenced by the country's beliefs.

In this article, we will introduce countries where cats find it easy to live, countries where it's less favorable, and also explore the different types of food that cats prefer in each country.


Table of Contents

1. Cat-Friendly Countries
∟1-1. Russia
∟1-2. Turkey
∟1-3. Japan
∟1-4. Taiwan
∟1-5. Thailand
∟1-6. Malta
2. Different Cat Food Preferences by Country
∟2-1. Japan
∟2-2. Italy
∟2-3. UK
3. Countries Less Favorable for Cats
∟3-1. China
∟3-2. South Korea


1. Cat-Friendly Countries

Let's start by introducing countries where people love cats and where cats find it easy to live.


1-1. Russia

Russia is the country with the highest number of cats kept as pets worldwide.

In Russia, cats are regarded as heroes.

During World War II, when the Soviet Union was still in existence, there was a food crisis in the country. At that time, not only food but even cats were being consumed. As a result, with the disappearance of cats that had previously been used for rat control, infectious diseases began to spread.

Then, cats from outside the Soviet Union (Russia) came to start eliminating rats, and this helped contain the infectious diseases, saving the lives of Russian people. Therefore, cats in Russia are cherished and loved by the people.


1-2. Turkey

Turkey is home to many world heritage sites and historical buildings, such as the ancient ruins of Troy and the cave dwellings of Cappadocia.

You can often see many cats happily enjoying these historical structures in Turkey.

Various cats can be seen, stretching or basking in the sun, and they blend into the landscapes beautifully. If you visit Turkey as a tourist, you will likely be surprised by the abundance of cats.


1-3. Japan

In recent years, there has been a cat boom in Japan, making it a country where cats find it easy to live.

Cats, unlike other pets, do not require walks and are primarily kept indoors, allowing them to be taken care of without expending much energy.

As a result, even the elderly can keep cats, and this wide appeal is one of the reasons cats are loved by many.

Furthermore, the recent opening of cat cafes in Japan has increased opportunities for people who do not own cats to interact with them, contributing to the popularity of cats in Japan.

Even for those without cats at home, a visit to a cat cafe can quickly make cats a beloved presence.

It can be said that Japan is also a country where cats find it easy to live.


1-4. Taiwan

Taiwan is an area that cannot be ignored as a region that loves cats.

Even in Japan, there are many cat cafes, and Taiwan is said to be the birthplace of cat cafes.

The first cat cafe, called "Cat Flower Garden," opened in Taipei in 1998, and it is considered the world's first cat cafe.

Although the name has changed to "Small Cat Flower Garden" over time, it is still in operation. If you love cats, it's a place you must visit.

Furthermore, in the suburbs of Taipei, there is a village known as "Houtong Cat Village," which is one of the largest cat villages in the world.

This cat village is packed with cats, and everywhere in the village, cat food is sold. It's a village where cats and humans coexist.


1-5. Thailand

Thailand is a country where many people prioritize the welfare of animals.

This is because there are many devout Buddhists in the country.

Naturally, cats are also beloved by the citizens.

Cats are frequently seen in the streets, and friendly stray cats are abundant in Thailand.

Wat Pho, a famous temple in Bangkok, is known as a "cat temple" due to the presence of many cats lounging around the temple grounds.

Additionally, cats are even part of Thailand's zodiac signs. Cats are such a familiar presence in Thailand.


1-6. Malta

The Republic of Malta is a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy.

It is said that there are about twice as many cats in the country as there are people.

If you love cats and don't mind being surrounded by them, Malta is the perfect place for you.

Cats in Malta, including stray cats, are often neutered or spayed, which is a distinctive feature.

While there are community cats in Japan as well, Malta seems to be taking care of cats across the entire island, watching over them.

2. Different Cat Food Preferences by Country

Cats are carnivores, but their preferred foods vary by country. It's likely that people in each country have discovered what cats prefer through years of experience.

Let's explore the examples of Japan, Italy, and the UK.


2-1. Japan

In Japan, cats are often associated with enjoying bonito flakes and fish.

Indeed, Japanese cats frequently eat fish.

One theory suggests that in ancient Japan, it was challenging to eat meat in public due to Buddhist beliefs. Therefore, cats that lived with humans naturally did not eat meat and often ate fish. This custom, combined with observing cats eating fish, may have led to the image of cats as fish lovers in Japan.

As a result, cats in Japan have many opportunities to eat fish and enjoy it.


2-2. Italy

It may be hard to believe, but cats in Italy enjoy pasta, just like Italians.

Italy, known for its strong food culture, has cats that seem to have a taste for pasta, just like their human counterparts.

Although cat food is consumed in Italy like in other countries today, back when cat food was not as widely available, it is said that cats in Italy used to eat pasta dishes with cheese or tomato sauce. However, some argue that cats in Italy might prefer the cheese portion of pasta dishes rather than pasta itself.

The truth remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: cats in Italy seem to enjoy pasta.


2-3. UK

Cats in the UK used to enjoy eating rabbit meat.

The roots of cats eating rabbit meat in the UK can be traced back to the 16th century.

In the UK, cats were given the task of capturing rats as part of their public duty. As a reward for catching rats, cats were given rabbit meat. Rabbits were considered a nuisance that disrupted fields in those days.

By eating rabbits, cats not only captured rats but also helped control the rabbit population. This long history of working for the nation may have contributed to the preference of UK cats for rabbit meat.


3. Countries Less Favorable for Cats

While there are countries that love cats, there are also countries where cats are not highly regarded. Here are some examples.


3-1. China

China has a culture of eating cats in some regions (known as the "cat-eating culture").

In provinces like Guangdong and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, there is a culture of consuming cat meat, so cats are viewed more as a source of food in those areas.

However, it is generally prohibited to trade cat meat for consumption within China.


3-2. South Korea

South Korea does not have a strong culture of keeping cats as pets.

Similar to a term in Japan, South Korea has a word called "ddong goyang," which refers to stray cats.

Since childhood, people are advised not to associate with stray cats, which are considered thieves. As a result, cats and humans in South Korea are not as close as in other countries.


3-3. India

In India, cats are disliked due to religious reasons.

There is a belief that cats were somehow involved in the death of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, which contributes to the unfavorable view of cats.

Additionally, in Hinduism, rats, which are a favorite food of cats, are considered sacred animals because Lord

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