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Custom Joint Panel - Connect and display! Perfect for documenting your kitty's growth

Custom Joint Panel - Connect and display! Perfect for documenting your kitty's growth

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Please upload an image of 1 million pixels or more
Simply upload your photo! No need for cropping.

Would you like to display your favorite cat photo on a panel?

This excellent product allows you to connect and display the panels vertically, horizontally, or diagonally using the included screws.

Starting from kitten photos, you can create a timeline of growth. Utilize the text input feature to add names and dates.

Why not display and cherish your cat's photos? We offer three colors: natural, black, and white.

※ You can also create panels with photos of pets other than cats and family members.

To connect multiple panels, please purchase multiple units.

Panel size: 135×135mm (approximately 5.3×5.3 inches)

Print size: 120×120mm (approximately 4.7×4.7 inches)

Colors: Natural, Black, White

Ordering process

  1. Before adding the item to the cart, please upload the cat's image and input the cat's name. If you want to change the image, cancel it by clicking the ✕ button in the upper right corner and upload a new image.

  2. Tap the "Add to Cart" button. You can confirm the uploaded file in the cart. If you need to change the image after adding it to the cart, delete the item from the cart and upload it again.

  3. If there are no issues with the product or the image, please proceed with the purchase.

*Preview of the final product is unavailable. *Due to complete made-to-order production, cancellations after submitting the photo are not possible. *Sales might end before the scheduled period depending on stock availability. Please be aware of these conditions in advance.


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